Frode Klevstul

Technical Project Manager



Do you need a reliable and experienced Project Manager for your next IT project? I have worked in the IT industry since 1996, and take on short- and long-term projects.

Being a good Project Manager requires a certain set of qualifications. Throughout my career, I have worked with both technical and non-technical individuals. I am good at “bridging the gap” in between people that speak different “languages”. Organisations can be very different. I have worked in technical and non-technical, large and small, national and international organisations. I have coordinated development teams, in-house and remote, national and international. As a person, I am very structured, and I always strive to run the projects I am working on in an organised way.

I have had the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Budget Control
  • Change Management
  • GDPR and Privacy
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Requirements Specification
  • Risk Control
  • Supplier Management
  • Teams Coordination
  • Tenders — for the public sector in Norway

More about me

I started working as a systems developer in 1996 for a small Norwegian Internet startup company. In the beginning I worked as a Sybase database modeller and Perl programmer. Since then I have focussed on web related development.

As a developer, I have been working with the entire stack, from front-end to back-end. Until 2012, I had a long period of Oracle PL/SQL development, where I created PL/SQL web applications, using mod_owa . I worked as an employed consultant until 2005, and as a freelance consultant from 2007 til 2012.

Since 2012, I have focussed on IT project management. I worked as the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for the Norwegian Consumer Council for almost eight years until I left my position in 2019. Then I once again started working as a freelance consultant.

Instead of strictly following certain predefined methodologies, I have a more pragmatic take on how to solve challenges. This is reflected in my work, both as a technical project manager and as a developer.

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